(Good for first time students. Hawaii residents only!)

Three (55-min.) Private Classes for $200, a value saving of $100! Essentially, BUY 2 GET ONE FREE!

  • Includes Postural Assessment, Health Intake & Analysis, Program Design, and Private Instruction/Workout
  • Please arrive at the studio early to fill out your paperwork. Please bring socks to wear in the foot straps to keep the equipment sanitary.
  • Please be aware that the first sessions generally move at a slower pace, assessing your basic movement patterns and core strength, while developing choreography of the exercises.


The Introductory Offer is for GYROTONIC® & GYROKINESIS® Instruction with Owner Martha Cotten, Certified Pre-Trainer.

We are currently booked by appointment only. We have numerous instructors with various teaching and educational experience to accommodate your individual needs, preferences and budget. Hawaii GET Tax is not included in the price list***